I help sheet metal fabricators to achieve higher efficiency

Here’s the bottom line:

Your customer expects an immediate price, delivery within a few days and high-quality products.

A modern customer expects fast service and are used to doing business digitally. They expect to be able to follow custom projects in real time. They expect small orders to be just as competitively priced as large ones. And they expect consistent, transparent pricing.

Ask yourself:

Did you ever spent a fortune on an ERP system that does not help you further?

Do you and your team argue about whether customization is still needed, or if it's time to replace it? Does it block you from making clear plans for the future?

When was the last time you had to search for customer data?

Do employees still have to use countless separate applications, retype lists, and print piles of paper? Is your system so outdated that you can't get real-time access to your own data?

Do you know exactly what the cloud native means for your business?

Are you aware of the impact of the cloud on IT systems? Have you ever thought about which software systems you really need to create a smart factory?

5+ years of experience,
with 10+ clients from the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria:

Emilia Clarke
Singeling Constructie-Lastechniek
Laurens Singeling (CEO)
“He's first class! Luke has been a reliable partner to our digital factory for years and makes sure that everything runs smoothly. The introduction of QRM and digitization has doubled our delivery reliability. "
Emilia Clarke
SAG Alutech
Willem Hoek (Manager)
"Luke's knowledge of digitization helps us to make decisions for our smart factory. His experience with automation in sheet metalworking, as well as in IT, was decisive for our cooperation."
// About Sheet Metal Connect

Hello! I'm Luke van Enkhuizen

I help sheet metal companies to improve efficiency by digitizing processes.

I’ve worked with metalworking companies of all sizes, including ThyssenKrupp, SAG, Singeling, Dumaco, MetalHub, Koridon, and software vendors such as ECI (Ridder iQ), TRUMPF, and QuotationFactory.

I graduated from the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam as a mechanical engineer with a minor in business process integration. I also have experience in .NET software development and project management.

What distinguishes my services is my practical experience. I started my career 10 years ago as a sheet metal worker and technical draftsman at my then employer. There, I experienced the daily frustrations and inefficiencies that have driven me to look for solutions in a modern way. This soon led to the implementation of a new ERP system and a link with CAM software. Since then, I have been working daily to become the best in this specific field.

Thanks to my hands-on experience on the shop floor and my up-to-date knowledge of engineering and IT systems, I can quickly help you to improve efficiency. Unlike other larger, generic agencies and software companies, you’ll work directly with me instead of with junior employees who bill you hundreds of dollars per hour to learn on the job.

I have written an eBook titled “The 7 Pitfalls of Industry 4.0”, which is available in Dutch, English and German.

As a keynote speaker I am active at various Smart Industry events, including the fully booked Ridder Connect. You can find me on YouTube, LinkedIn, various blogs on my website, and finally you can hire me to help you digitize your factory.

And of course, you can always send me a message for more information

Luke van Enkhuizen
Sheet Metal Connect e.U.

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