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Many Manufacturing Companies Are Lagging Behind Industry 4.0 — For a Good Reason

Why? In the current technological and political landscape, an optimistic yet cautious approach is the most considered choice for many companies.   The 2020 Predictions When you pick up various magazines or research reports, you quickly get the suspicion that most companies are already in the fourth industrial revolution. One report predicted that “Digital Disruption” […]

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What is a Customer Portal? Why Do Modern Manufacturing Companies Need Them?

Within Industry 4.0, connectivity is an important pillar: connecting the digital to our physical world. But what about your customers? In this article, you will learn how a portal can ensure that your customers feel well-supported- and that also saves money. Customer portals provide customer access to important corporate company information such as order history, […]

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Manufacturing: Five Steps to a Successful Digital Transformation

A recent survey revealed that almost three-quarters (71%) of industrial decision-makers agreed with the statement that, ‘We need to get digital technologies, so we can prosper’. Further on, the surveyed agreed – by a remarkable balance of 2:1 – that the future of (successful) manufacturing lies in the leveraging the combination of established technologies and […]